Optecks’ engineers are highly experienced in all aspects of DLP-based system development and design. Optecks currently provides stock solutions for DLP-based projection that can couple almost any source of optical power to the DMD and control the properties of the projected image. User friendly and intuitive software has been developed to drive and control DLP boards for several different applications. In addition, Optecks’ engineers have experience with 3D display development, and understand the associated technical specifications and challenges. Optecks can draw from this breadth of experience to provide a wide variety of solutions and support for the development of DLP-based 3D displays.

  • • DMD Projection and Illumination Systems: Optecks can develop systems that control how light is incident on the DMD and how the light reflected from the DMD is projected onto the target optical element or the display’s image space. Its engineers have extensive experience with Zemax OpticStudio14 and similar programs for optical system design. Optecks has developed several standard products for this purpose. These products range from advanced solutions with high-efficiency coupling of light from fibers and laser sources to the DMD to low-profile designs that minimize space and cost with little loss of coupling efficiency. Optecks can adapt these designs or design custom systems to meet the specific needs of your display.
  • • DLP Board Design and Customization: Through its experiences as a TI Design House and beyond, Optecks’ engineers have expertise in the design and fabrication of PCBs for DLP control and for interfacing existing DLP boards with computer-based controllers. DLP boards have been developed to drive DMDs from different suppliers and for several different functions, including simple projection, spectroscopy, and 3D displays. Each of these applications requires unique solutions, and Optecks has developed significant expertise in meeting the needs of these applications. Optecks can leverage this expertise to implement custom boards and control actions that properly select mirrors on the DMD to correctly render the 3D image.
  • • Software Development: Optecks can provide custom software solutions that provide the intuitive planning, execution, and control functions that allow smooth setup and operation of your 3D display system. Optecks’ Light Animator software provides intuitive tools for creating both static and animated DLP projections. Optecks Design23DPrint software provides the suite of tools needed to control state-of-the-art 3D printers and to link them to the sources of 3D data. Design23DPrint was recently demonstrated with the latest 3D printers available from TI

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