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Our standard DMD-based projection module provides everything needed to develop high-quality and highly-functional projection-based applications. A mirrored tunnel captures light from a user-supplied illumination source and ensures that the optical power from the source will be uniformly distributed across the entire planar surface of the DMD. A set of lenses then images the light from the tunnel onto the DMD. The DMD that comes standard with the module is 0.7 inches on each side and can be driven by a user-supplied DLP board or by customizable DLP solutions available from Optecks. The DMD solution can be customized to the user’s application upon consultation with technical engineers at Optecks. Light that is not directed by the DMD to the output lens is directed toward the housing wall, and the housing is designed to dissipate the resulting heat and to prevent reflections from interfering with the system operation. The output from the DMD passes through a projection lens and is projected upward so that the projection system can be placed on a flat surface and project up onto a wall or screen without tilting or otherwise adjusting the attitude of the system, making the module attractive for many portable applications where even simple height/tilt control components are not practical. The projection lens has an adjustable focus and is capable of producing sharp images at 1.5 meters to 3 meters from the output of the module.

Key features of the module for application considerations are:

  1. Lightweight, compact design – can be used in applications where size and weight are significant limitations, including portable projection.
  2. Flexibility of DMD and DLP boards – performance of these components can be tailored to specific application needs.
  3. Projection from flat surfaces – no tilting or height adjustment mechanisms are necessary, further reducing development costs and enhancing portability
  4. Multiple wavelength ranges of operation – modules are available for 2 wavelength ranges
    1. • Vis-NIR (650 nm to 1050 nm)
    2. • NIR (1050 nm to 1650 nm)

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