Light Animator for LightCrafter 4500  

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Light Animator is a software package that allows rapid and more user-friendly development of DLP applications. The software translates the addressing of the DMD array into a process of drawing and animating objects that is consistent with methods the user is familiar with from popular commercial drawing software packages. Animations are generated by dividing the sequence into frames which the user can draw individually or the software can fill in based on user-specified waypoints. All control code for the DMD is generated by the software so that no specialized programming knowledge is required to achieve the precise DMD control needed for any application. The software allows synchronization between the DLP and other devices to facilitate measurement, data collection, or image capturing.

  • Pixelated Canvas represents the micro mirrors within the DMD device
  • Allow the user to choose the shape of the pixel (square or diamond pixels)
  • Simply zoom in the DMD array and control up to 4 million micro mirrors
  • Draw binary images up to 8 bits
  • Select the object location and edit its properties
  • Create animation using the timeline window
  • Control the illumination duration and the duration of the dark of the DMD of each frame
  • Image and video formats of bmp, jpg, gif, png and AVI can be imported and exported
  • Trigger in and out pulses to synchronize the DLP device with external devices like CCD camera

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