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The SPARK NIR telecentric optical engine is designed specifically for 0.65” digital micro-mirror devices with 16:9 aspect ratio such as the DLP65LNIR. All optical components have a high-quality anti-reflection (AR) coating within 600 - 1050 nm spectrum. The Engine has the capability of interchangeable projection lens that allows for the use of any f-mount camera lens available in the market. The SPARK optical engine includes powerful homogenizer for improved uniformity when used in laser applications.
  • Pixelated Canvas represents the micro mirrors within the DMD device
  • Allow the user to choose the shape of the pixel (square or diamond pixels)
  • Simply zoom in the DMD array and control up to 4 million micro mirrors
  • Draw binary images up to 8 bits
  • Select the object location and edit its properties
  • Create animation using the timeline window
  • Control the illumination duration and the duration of the dark of the DMD of each frame
  • Image and video formats of bmp, jpg, gif, png and AVI can be imported and exported
  • Trigger in and out pulses to synchronize the DLP device with external devices like CCD camera

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