RAY 70 Monochromatic Module

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The monochromatic LED RAY optical module combines the high resolution, high quality RAY optical modules with a high-power, monochromatic LED illuminating module in a single, ready-to-use package. The LED module comes with a built-in thermal management system that maintains the LEDs at a constant temperature, which improves the output power stability and the lifetime of the module. An included controller board provides easy control over both the LED and the thermal management system.

The Monochromatic LED RAY Optical Module can be configured for several combinations of DMD, operating wavelength, and projection lens options to match the needs of your specific application.

DMD Options:

DMDRAY ModuleAspect RatioWavelengthPower
Discovery 4100RAY 704:3405 – 700 nmHigh (to 25 W/cm2)

Lightcrafter 6500-

Type A

RAY 6516:9405 – 700 nmHigh
Lightcrafter 6500- S600RAY 65S16:9420 – 700 nmModerate

LED Options:

LEDWavelengthBandwidth (FWHM)Utilized LED Power (Continuous)
Red613 nm20 nm3300 lm/9.4 W
Green528 nm35 nm6000 lm/10.6 W
Blue462 nm20 nm1250 lm/17.5 W
Violet405 nm10 nm18 W
Ray LED Monochromatic Optical Module + LED driver (up to 27 A continuous mode)
3D Printing, 3D Machine Vision, 3D Display, Screen Imaging, Lithography, and Projection Applications.

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