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 Optecks is a Texas Instruments Authorized Design House based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA that is dedicated to providing both standard and customized solutions for DLP-based systems and products in a wide variety of applications.  DLP technology is being employed in a continually growing variety of important and high profile applications, including a variety of displays, 3D printing, DLP-based spectroscopy, 3D machine vision, Lithography, and the manipulation and control of lasers.  Optecks is uniquely positioned to provide the technical expertise and resources needed to develop Optical, Electronic and Software solutions to your application that:


•    Are More Efficient – Optecks’ solutions will preserve optical power, streamline electronic systems and signaling, and provide intuitive and effective interaction between operator and machine.

•    Increase Productivity – Optecks’ solutions will provide the features, control, and simplifications needed to produce competitive, cost-effective products for manufacturers and flexible, customizable, and cost-effective evaluations models for research and development environments.

•    Are Faster to Market -- Optecks can leverage a broad range of experience to quickly target and develop promising solutions to reduce product development time.

Optecks’ engineers and technical staff have over 10 years of experience in the design of optical, electronic, and software for DLP-based systems and products. In addition, Optecks has a portfolio of patents to draw upon that cover a variety of solutions for several DLP-based applications, which allows Optecks to provide solutions that cannot be found anywhere else.

 As a result of its combination of experience, technical expertise, resources, and dedication to providing the best solutions possible for DLP-based applications, Optecks’ products can be found in use throughout the world.

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