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The Optecks Transmission Module (OTM) interrogates a sample by illuminating it with an infrared source and collecting the light that is transmitted through the sample for coupling to the DLP NIRscan Nano. A cuvette holder can be used with a cuvette or equipped with mounting components for handling gas, liquid and solid samples. The OTM utilizes a telecentric design to enhance SNR, and thus the Nano can be used in more demanding applications – i.e. those with weak signals or requiring timely control of critical processes – than many of its larger, more costly competitors.
NIR transmittance measurements have been used to measure properties of liquid samples, such as the water content of juices and the presence of target compounds; and solid samples, such as measuring the opacity of plastic tubing, which is an important parameter in observing flow in gas and liquid delivery lines. In-line transmittance measurements are also used to measure the water content of butter during production, allowing for timely adjustments to the butter making process that save time, minimize costs, and increase the quality of the end product.

Spectral response range

900 – 1700 nm

Physical dimensions

52-mm long, 24-mm wide, and 15-mm tall


84 g

Signal to noise ratio

>6000 : 1

Slit size

1.69 mm × 0.025 mm

Wavepass filter

885-nm long


1-mm single-pixel InGaAs non-cooled

Spectral resolution

10 – 12 nm

Operation temperature

0 – 50

Lamp power

1.4 W

Computer interface

USB and Bluetooth Low Energy


NIRscan Nano software

Optecks Transmission Module for DLP NIRscan Nano EVM
Example applications of transmission-based spectroscopy include: • Detecting the presence of target compounds in liquids, such as water in juices • Determining the origin of a gas by its composition • Measuring the opacity of plastic tubing used in gas and liquid flow measurements

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