2 in 1 DLP NIRscan Nano EVM

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The 2 in 1 DLP NIRScan NANO package includes the DLP NORscan Nano EVM with reflective module and the Optecks transmission module. Two different modules that can be integrated with the DLP NIRscan™ Nano EVM help you make the best use of its capabilities.
1. The DMD mirrors are in a 2-dimension array creating an advanced filter allowing more light than the linear array detectors used in other spectrometers. The many columns of mirrors increase the range of wavelengths that can be captured by a single configuration of the DLP NIRscan Nano EVM. 2. More optical power can be collected at each wavelength versus a fixed filter into the small aperture typical represented in linear array pixels. Every mirror in a column reflects the same set of wavelengths, and the optical detector can have a larger area without sacrificing wavelength resolution, both of which increase the ability of the DLP NIRscan Nano EVM to accurately sense small phenomena. 3. DLP technology is easy to calibrate and highly resistant to temperature and vibration. 4. The DMD can be controlled to optimize the wavelength analysis to the specific needs of a given application. Are you interested in what happens at only a few wavelengths, and don’t care much about the rest? DLP technology can instruct the DMD to only activate the columns corresponding to the wavelengths of interest, so that the DLP NIRscan Nano EVM does not waste time or resources to measure what is happening at the other wavelengths. Do you want to balance resolution, sensitivity, and measurement time? DLP technology can select the number of columns, the number of mirrors per column, and the time that the column is activated. All of this happens in the same device – no need to buy a new device for the next project.

Spectral response range

900 – 1700 nm

Physical dimensions

62-mm long, 58-mm wide, and 36-mm tall


84 g

Signal to noise ratio

>6000 : 1

Slit size

1.69 mm × 0.025 mm

Wavepass filter

885-nm long


1-mm single-pixel InGaAs non-cooled

Spectral resolution

10 – 12 nm

Operation temperature

0 – 50

Lamp power

1.4 W

Computer interface

USB and Bluetooth Low Energy


NIRscan Nano software

- DLP NIRscan Nano EVM with Reflective module - Optecks Transmission module
Example applications of reflection-based spectroscopy include:• Analysis of cheese composition during production to ensure proper taste and texture• Determine the quality of meat• Rapidly identifying microorganisms in food, hospitals, and pharmaceuticals, both beneficial and potentially harmful. Example applications of transmission-based spectroscopy include: • Detecting the presence of target compounds in liquids, such as water in juices • Determining the origin of a gas by its composition • Measuring the opacity of plastic tubing used in gas and liquid flow measurements

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