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The RAY 70 DMD optical module allows you to capture and use all of the capabilities provided by larger format XGA .7" DMDs. Each module contains specially designed, high definition illumination and projection optics that eliminate diffraction, uneven illumination, and other effects that reduce the quality of a projected image. The optics in the RAY 70 are designed specifically for 0.7-inch diagonal, high pixel density DMDs with a 4:3 aspect ratio. All optical components have high quality anti-reflection (AR) coating to minimize stray reflections. The optical illumination path remains physically separate from the optical projection path, eliminating stray light and crosstalk between the paths. As a result, the RAY 70 system possesses a high optical throughput, so that the optical power from your illumination source contributes almost entirely to the final image. Your projection application will enjoy the brightest, sharpest images when you incorporate the RAY 70 into your design.

Summary of Features:

· High definition optics – provides the highest image quality available

· Highly Uniform Images 90%

           o if all the DMD pixels are set to the same state, every pixel in the projected image will have nearly the same intensity

           o important for 3D printing and screen imaging, where every pixel within a layer must have the same level and depth of curing to produce mechanically sound objects (printing) or high quality print screens.

· Separate illumination and projection path

          o reduces background light, produces high contrast images

· Light from off pixels contained by an internal chamber

          o reduces background light (no leakage) – important for 3D printers and curing of emulsions (for example, producing stencils for print screening) to prevent the creation of unwanted pieces or transferred images

· Anti-reflection coating on all optics to improve optical throughput (minimal power loss)

· System designed explicitly for the aspect ratio of the DMD

          o reduces losses due to mismatches between the shape of the illuminating beam and the shape of the DMD (no overfill)

          o improves uniformity and minimizes image distortions

SpecificationRAY 70
DMD aspect ratio4:3
Wavelength range405 nm – 700 nm
Contrast Ratio11,000:1
Image Uniformity>90%
Working Distance> 0.3 m
Manual Zoom1.2x
Light Power DensityHigh (up to 25 W/cm2)
RAY 70 Optical Module
3D Printing, 3D Machine Vision, 3D Display, Screen Imaging, Lithography, and Projection Applications.

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