LA 3

Light Animator Features:

  • User-friendly software and more intuitive interface
  • Binary images, up to 8-bit images, and video formats can be manipulated
  • Images can be created using a set of exiting shapes and drawing tools (pen, rectangle, ellipse, curve, polygon, polyline, and letters)
  • Animation can be constructed using frame sequence that the user can control to the smallest detail
  • Animation can also be generated by allowing the software to fill in the frame details between waypoints in the frame sequence
  • Trigger In and Trigger Out pulse control to synchronize the LightCrafter 3000 with an external device such as CCD camera or another LightCrafter 3000
  •  Image formats of bmp, jpg, gif and png can be imported and exported
  • Video formats of avi, wmv and mpeg can be imported
  • Multiple copies of Light Animators can be used to simultaneously control several LightCrafter 300 systems (Optional)  

Light Animator has been interfaced with the LightCrafter 3000

To operate DLP LightCrafter 3000, the version of Light Animator designed for this specific DLP device must be obtained.  The version of Light Animator designed for the LightCrafter 4500 will not work with the LightCrafter 3000 and vice versa.  For DLP LightCRafter, the user has the option to instantly update the displayed scene by selecting the streaming option.